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Is your customer journey a journey your customers want to go on?

Our customer journey maps breaks down your customer experience into the steps your customers take with your service to provide you deeper insights and possible solutions that directly links to customer needs. 

But we don’t stop there, our customer journey maps can provide you with a quantifiable causal link between CEX initiatives and customer satisfaction showing you the best opportunities to increase your customer satisfaction scores across your customer journey.

News flash, your customers do not think of you in terms of your channels and functions. When they go onto your website, receive an email from you, call up for support or walk into your retail store, they are interacting with your overall brand and not the channels you have on offer. 

The customer journey map is truly a customer centric way to understand how your customers interact with you, the brand, the organisation and its people and functions. Along the journey, you will identify enablers and obstacles that they experience when they do business with you. Taking the point of view of the customer allows you to have a complete picture of the how they experience your product/service offering.

With customer experience being identified as a top strategic priority across most organisations, there has been an emerging gap between what organisations think they are offering versus what they are really offering in terms of the customer experience.

One of the first steps in delivering consistently great experiences to your customers is by truly understanding the journey that they embark on when they interact with your product or service. 

When you think about your customers, do you immediately think about which channel is the most efficient in serving your customers, do you wonder why isn’t every customer using the self-help section on your website?




Customers go through more stages than just buying and using a product/service. The customer journey maps allow you to visualise the different complexities and nuances of their experience and demonstrates what the customer is thinking, wanting and doing as they engage with your product/service. With key interactions mapped across time, you will gain real insight into the journeys your customers take with you.


The customer journey map is based on the evidence of real research and raw customer opinion providing you with the freedom to explore new “truths” about your customers. To be able to provide a great customer experience, you cannot shy away from what is REALLY happening in your customers’ journey with you, the customer journey map helps you do just that.


The customer journey map reveals key customer pain points and negative moments of truth where process, system and service failures are revealed. This allows for the identification of the broken parts of the customer journey that requires urgent attention, also allowing you to visualise how large of an impact this will have on your customers’ journey if this problem was fixed.


Customer feelings, motivations, wants and needs sits at the heart of all customer journey maps. By visualising the emotive side of your customers’ journey, the customer journey map encourages people across the organisation to consider and empathise with the customers’ feelings, questions and needs.


Our customer experience diagnostic will:

Do you find yourself facing
these problems?

  • No visibility into how your customers feel and behave when they are interacting with your product/service

  • Inability to identify what customers care about most when experiencing your product/service

  • No visibility to how your customers are interacting with your product/service offering across different channels and contexts

  • Multiple channels and functions of the organisation makes it incredibly difficult to provide a consistent and great customer experience each and every time

  • When everything seems like a priority, it is a challenging task to filter out which customer experience initiatives are nice-to-haves and which ones are packed with customer and business impact

  • You understand what your customers truly want when they engage and interact with you

  • Demonstrate how your customers feel and behave when interacting with your product/service

  • Identify the “job” which your customers “hire” your product/service for - giving you insight into why exactly they need your product/service

  • Determine problem and opportunity areas to improve the customer experience in the short and long run

  • Prioritise ideas and initiatives to develop a roadmap to customer experience success

  • Quantify how important these initiatives are and how much they can contribute to increased customer satisfaction scores across the customer journey

  • Identify the positive business outcomes in investing into customer experience

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