How to Transform Data into Actionable Insights


Workshop Goals

  • Understand the basics of human-centred design
  • Recognise the process and steps to move from customer feedback to meaningful and powerful insights
  • Break down the overwhelming range of customer issues into service themes
  • Learn by doing - translate customer feedback into a set of unifying themes that provide focus for your organisation


  • Welcome and introduction round
  • Workshop context:
    • What is human-centred design?
    • Why do we need to be customer centric?
    • Why do we need to empathise with customers?
    • Why now?
  • What are customer insights?
  • Learn how to synthesis customer feedback and create customer insights.
  • Learn how to articulate customer issues and service themes.
  • Generate a set of unifying service themes through a case study example.

Workshop Length

This is a 1 day group workshop jam packed with course materials and a toolkit to take away at the end of the workshop.


$7,450 (plus GST) for up to 10 attendees
Price includes all workshop materials and toolkit to take home.