Building the Wholesale Experience of the Future

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Optus Wholesale engaged Proto Partners to help research, map and understand what was really important to their current customers. Optus aimed to identify unmet needs and opportunities that would rapidly enable the co-design of solutions. These would form the backbone of future state customer experience. The goal was to help Optus remain the wholesale provider of choice, delivering exceptional experiences for their customers. Proto Partners needed to generate a number of well founded actionable insights with a clear roadmap of CX initiatives.



How might Optus Wholesale better understand the needs of their customers in order to design the ideal future customer journey by leveraging detailed user stories that capture customer needs in a way that can be translated ahead of a major IT Transformation.


Proto Partners’ broad research included extracting meaningful insights from a large number of  customer satisfaction surveys, customer interviews, shadowing and immersion, stakeholder and staff interviews, co-design and jobs-to-be-done workshops.

Existing customer experience was captured with a current customer journey map and discovery report that identified the most important issues for customers, including a number of recurring themes. Service themes were identified and strategically reviewed. This led to the design of potential platforms for change using the T.I.P.S framework. 

Future state was designed using an ideal customer journey map. Proto Partners also delivered granular insights via 288 user stories. This formed part of the capability blueprint deliverable. 


Proto Partners provided Optus Wholesale with in depth insights into what their enterprise customers are looking for in an ideal wholesale customer experience. Proto Partners developed 32 initiatives designed to significantly improve the future customer experience across both technology solutions and relationship platforms.

Three key recommendations were delivered, along with an actionable roadmap of initiatives, organised by priority. Every initiative was supported by a solid business case idea storyboards were used to ensure the next steps were both valuable and tangible.