goods + services = experience

“By thinking of a brand’s product as a customer experience, and not a physical good, companies have a better chance of being successful, retaining customers and growing quickly.”


In the ac4d article, Kevin Mccann explains how a product is more than just its physical value when it comes to customer experience. With a product, comes a service. With service, an experience. According to Mccann, “excellent customer experiences are emotionally rewarding, fuel growth, drives loyalty, and inspire people to share their experiences with their peers.” Businesses therefore, have a huge opportunity to leverage off its customer experience to build a greater customer base and drive profits. Mccann refers to Starbucks and how it is not simply its coffee that makes it a great brand but its intangibles such as its culture, flow and thoughtful freebies like wifi. However every brand is unique and although those aspects of Starbucks makes their brand great, it won’t necessarily mean that’s what will make your brand great. Other companies can also discover the intangibles that they must improve on/add in order to make their customer experience great. This is achieved through understanding the customer and their journey with your company at all touchpoints that occur. At Proto Partners, we build detailed customer journey maps that reveal customer emotions, painpoints, opportunities for improvement, and help organisations to benefit from them specifically.


“Build a complete customer experience first, then the “product” and customers will follow.”

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Posted on January 16, 2013 and filed under Customer Experience, Service Design.