Implementing an Ideal Customer Onboarding Experience

Sydney Water Welcome II


Sydney Water was looking to execute priority customer initiatives that would transform the onboarding experience. Their goal was to not only gain rapid traction across the organisation, but to lay a strong foundation for building customer confidence in Sydney Water and establish long term customer relationships.

With a focus on moving quickly, testing, learning and adapting from customer feedback, Proto Partners prioritised three improvements to the onboarding experience which could be actioned immediately.


How might we design and deliver a customer onboarding experience that is so easy and informative, Sydney Water customers feel warmly welcomed?


Having worked closely with Sydney Water customers, management, processes and systems, Proto Partners
were able to quickly identify seven channels of opportunity that could immediately provide positive impact to the customer onboarding experience.

Within the six week project window, over 30 prototypes were developed, tested and implemented across the
seven channels with external customers, internal staff and industry leaders. By creating channel-specific prototypes
to engage customers upstream, it was possible to deliver an onboarding experience that “wowed” customers from
their first interaction with Sydney Water.

In addition, communication tools were created to gain traction across the organisation through storyboards of the Current and Future Contact Centre onboarding experience, Customer Service Representative profile posters and videos that feature staff from the onboarding experience pilot.

From the success of this pilot, Proto Partners were able
to fast-track implementation and scaling of designated components of the onboarding experience through delivering a lean, customer-focused workflow for the Contact Centre and Account teams.


In just six weeks, through the delivery of real time service design and lean methodologies, Proto Partners designed a range of over 30 compelling customer initiatives. We implemented over 20 of the initiatives and created a tangible roadmap for the delivery of the balance over the ensuing 12 weeks. In addition, we also delivered Sydney Water significant annual savings from a reduction in repeat calls from customers.

Proto Partners not only created valuable business initiatives, we also ensured that we engaged the staff on a deeper level, empowering them to respond more quickly and effectively to their customers’ needs. The outcome was a 200% improvement in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of the staff involved in this project along with a positive increase in customer NPS.