Experience Prototyping



Using service design to rapidly prototype and validate customer inspired initiatives, Proto Partners developed a new way of working to accelerate time to market while instilling confidence that each initiative will be successfully met with greater customer approval. 


How might we design a provisional membership experience that is so valuable, members want to sign up as soon as they can so they don’t miss out?


Inspired by the lean startup methodology, Proto Partners used iterative processes to validate learnings throughout the course of the project resulting in nine customer validated initiatives. These ideas were not only quantifiably tested but quantitatively too. They were rated on a scale measuring customer satisfaction and importance, that identified the top initiatives to implement. These were then brought closer to implementation through lean canvas workshops with key enablers within the business. Thus providing CA ANZ a clear strategy to put their validated CVP forward and a business case that supports it in just 30 days.


Having already undertaken a deep dive into understanding their candidate journey, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) wanted to build and improve upon their current experience based on this intensive research with Proto Partners. With a lot more insight and clearer direction, CA ANZ sought to move from insight
to execution.

Proto Partners provided CA ANZ implementation guidelines to ensure the ideas were carried out with the customer at the heart. The 9 ideas were broken up into four key themes to understanding Provisional Members needs and how to deliver to them. Proto Partners then produced a validated customer value proposition and a clear way forward in order to implement this.