Shaping the Ideal Candidate Journey



Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) sought to better understand the candidate journey of their program. Being an external provider, Proto Partners were able to take an “Outside In” approach by viewing the candidate journey through the lens of their candidates and employers.


How might we deeply understand the Chartered Accountants ANZ candidate experience to uncover customer pain points and opportunity areas?


Proto Partners helped Chartered Accountants ANZ to better understand their customers and the level of friction they encounter during their journey on the Chartered Accountants candidate program.

Proto Partners provided the Chartered Accountants ANZ with a customer strategy that looked at the entire customer journey in great depth. We mapped 27 touchpoints through the research phase, technical modules, Capstone module, graduation and more. Each touchpoint showed the channels used, level of friction, key insight and prioritised opportunities for improvement.


A detailed current customer journey map was created to map out both candidate and employer perspectives from the point candidates become aware of accounting to their graduation ceremony. We also immersed ourselves in the causes of common
candidate pain points. These causes were synthesised into Service Principles to facilitate future development of the Chartered Accountants service experience.
Proto Partners categorised the candidate journey by channel to
help stakeholders from different sectors understand the candidate experience specific to their area. The level of friction was mapped to identify major pain points and areas of difficulty for the Institute’s candidates and employers. Underneath each
touchpoint, were opportunities relating to the corresponding touchpoint. These were also mapped on a prioritisation and horizon map, providing their stakeholders actionable a roadmap going forward at the project’s conclusion.