Are you a leader who wants to grow your customer NPS
by understanding, communicating and delivering
what is most valuable to your customers?

Attend a half-day workshop to find out
how to improve your customer experience
and grow revenue and satisfaction.


  • Learn how to identify and focus on the Moments of Truth in your customer journey
  • See how to delight customers and grow revenue at the same time

  • Understand what a Killer Idea Storyboard is and how organisations are using it to uncover business opportunities and value
  • Understand how to prototype initiatives to maximise customer and business value
  • See how to build governance around customers and create a cultural change framework


    We are conducting two workshops. The session times are Tuesday 15th of March and Wednesday 16th of March from 12pm - 6pm at our offices at Level 13, 213 Miller Street North Sydney.

    We will provide an outstanding catered lunch from 12 noon and the workshop will start at 12:15pm sharp.

    With a jam-packed agenda, our interactive workshop will teach you to uncover the true value of customer loyalty and satisfaction through lifetime value.



    $999* (plus GST)
    *The first 15 participants to register will attend the workshop for free.

    Price includes all workshop materials and catering.




    • Welcome and Introduction

    • Workshop Context:
      - What are the challenges organisations face?
      - What is Customer Capital?
      - How do you build it and how do you measure it?
      - Align your Customer Strategy to your Business Strategy

    • Understanding Your Customers:
      - Understand your customers through design research
      - Mapping your Customer's Current Journey
      - Identify what is most important to your customers
      - Design the Ideal Journey for your customers

    • Maximising Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):
      - Calculate your CLV and link it to your
         Net Promoter Score (NPS)
      - Prioritise ideas to maximise customer and
         organisational value

    • Selling Across the Organisation:
      - Sell and execute your ideas across the organisation
      - Put the right measures in place
      - Create rigorous Governance and Cultural
         Change Frameworks