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Are you meeting your customers’ core needs?

Our expertise in behavioural and ethnographic research allows us to get to the core of your customers’ needs to bring you fresh, unique and actionable customer insights.

Through a needs lens, our customer insights toolkit will help you uncover the core need that you are solving for your customers. Only after identifying the true need that your product/service serves, you can clearly identify who your competitors are and what are the substitutes for your product/service offering and how to ensure that your customer value proposition is relevant today, tomorrow and for the many years to come.

The number one concern we hear from our clients today goes something like this: “I need to understand my customers better, we have lots of data and figures, why is it still so hard to truly understand them?”

Unlike traditional market research, our customer research toolkit focuses on uncovering the underlying mindsets, emotions, motivations, desires, aspirations that trigger the ways in which your customers behave and act when interacting with your service. 

Does the product or service that you offer meet the needs of your customers? If they do now, are you confident that this need will be unchallenged tomorrow? Do you know who your true competitors are?


Here are some clear reasons as to why you have been finding it hard to truly understand your customer needs:

Customers tell you what they want,
but not what they REALLY need

What customers report as their behaviour might not be how they actually behave as people often report their own behaviour in a more positive light and understate their wants. Traditional market research methods only allow for customer insights within the context of your product/service offering, however in reality, customer needs exist in the context of their lives, social circle and beyond.

Customers are more informed
but less loyal

No matter what industry you are in and what product/service that you offer, you face competition, lots of it. With customers spoilt for choice and information at their fingertips, customers are easily distracted and lured by the next great solution to the problem they have on hand.

Customer diversity is on the rise

Customers no longer believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach as they expect organisations to treat them as an individual with options tailored to their specific preferences and needs. With an increasing need of individuality, it becomes increasingly hard to make sweeping generalisations about your customers. In our truly global economy, skills like cultural awareness, flexibility and effective communication is critical for companies to properly deal with the needs of a diverse customer base.

Customers have more power than you do

Thanks to social media platforms, hand-held devices and easy access to the internet, customers are making their voices heard much quicker and faster than ever imagined. With the vast amount of customer feedback coming from a wide range of channels and platforms, it is becoming increasingly hard to decipher the true voice of your REAL customers.

Data overload leads to confusion

Just as social media has unleashed a new avenue for companies to receive feedback, companies are capturing lots of customer data through their internal initiatives, voice of the customer programs, feedback loops as well as channel statistics and web analytics. The enormous (and often incoherent and disconnected) amount of data that a company has on their customers makes it an impossible task to piece together who your customers are and what their real needs are.


Our customer experience diagnostic will:

Do you find yourself facing
these problems?

  • Existing market research initiatives are not effective in revealing customer motivations, behaviours, wants and needs

  • Existing market research tools fall short in providing insight into how your product/service offering sits within the context of your customers’ lives

  • Existing market research programs have failed to predict the market, the customers’ preferences and actions

  • There are copious amounts of existing data, so much that it seems like an impossible task to make sense of it

  • Inability to see where the customer experience breaks down and why

  • Absence of a clear definition of your “core customer need” that your product and service serves

  • Not all areas of the business is listening to what customers are thinking/saying/wanting

  • Use behavioural science and ethnographic techniques to truly understand your customer needs

  • Articulate the “core customer need” of your organisation in the context of your product/service offering

  • Translate your “big data problem” into meaningful and actionable customer insights

  • Provide you re-alignment and focus that ensures your customer value proposition is valid in today’s context

  • Predict and guide your organisation towards innovation and change to ensure your customer value proposition is valid in the future

  • To fix specific problems with root cause analysis and a true understanding of your customers

  • Setting a sound strategic direction for your organisation to follow in the short and long term

Ready to truly understand your customers and their needs?
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