Delivering a seamless online application experience

DIBP ImmiAccount II


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) wanted to understand how they could use client feedback to inform future improvements to their customer experience so that it is not only cohesive but also meets their clients’ long term needs.

Proto Partners were invited to help the Department do this. Together, the DIBP/Proto Partners team were tasked to gain a clear understanding of client needs and the current pain points and more importantly, how it could be improved.



How might we design and deliver a visitor visa application experience to help people wanting to visit Australia to explore the country in a simple, easy and welcoming way?




Using Human Centred Design as a filter, Proto Partners conducted a series of quantitative and qualitative research to uncover a comprehensive view of the visa application process and to deliver an improved client application experience. By finding the intersection of what visa clients found important and what the Department’s technological and resourcing requirements we were able to deliver, we used a balance of ethnographic research and a study on the statistics of customer feedback to build and validate exactly what customers value - and the business could deliver. 



Having worked with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) on several occasions, Proto Partners were asked to provide a real “step change” experience for visitor visa applicants. With one clear goal, we conducted six client (customer) research sessions with Visa clients from a variety of backgrounds and situations. We identified 25 opportunity areas and then were able to quickly co-design, test and iterate Six Key Improvement Drivers. To ensure these improvements could be delivered by the Department, we tested them using a rigorous qualitative and quantitative client validation process to ensure the Department were provided an actionable plan to move forward with.