Designing an Unmatched Online Trading Experience

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Gumtree Australia needed to understand exactly how customers experienced their offering, from first enquiry to final transaction.

Proto Partners provided Gumtree Australia with both depth and breadth by covering six phases of customer interaction -  Awareness and Research, Orientation. Listing/Searching, Contact with Buyers/Sellers, Closing the Deal alongside Issues and Troubleshooting. Within these phases, 55 customer touchpoints were analysed. With each touchpoint Proto Partners uncovered key pain points for customers and opportunities for improvement at every point of the user journey.



How might Gumtree Australia create a multiple-channel experience so successful that it becomes Australia’s first choice for any meaningful trade?


Proto Partners created a suite of tailored Gumtree deliverables reflecting the insights and opportunities gained across the end-to-end user journey. We achieved this through 12 weeks of immersion within the world of buyers and sellers alongside 30 customer interviews, eight of those customers observed in their homes.
 Existing research was incorporated and meetings with internal Gumtree stakeholders added colour to the customer investigations. Proto Partners also facilitated two separate “jobs to be done” workshops with 15 targeted persona customers and observed how they felt about the Gumtree service experience. 

The result was a deep understanding of a typical end-to-end journey of Gumtree users. Proto Partners gained a rich understanding of the features valued by buyer and seller users. It was also clear which areas of service were lacking. From this research and analysis Proto Partners generated touchpoints across the user journey, customer insights, service themes, level of friction and potential opportunities.


These valuable customer insights allowed Proto Partners to create an extensive package of customer centric tools and reference materials designed to inspire and guide Gumtree to create the ideal customer journey.

It included: 

  • 2 customer journey maps
    (one for buyers and one for sellers)

  • Customer discovery report
    (with detailed results of research and surveys)

  • 45 ideas for both buyer and seller users
    (15 of the best were visualised into idea cards)

  • 5 idea prioritisation maps
    (showing different ways to incorporate the ideas)

  • 9 key service themes addressing Gumtree user needs and wants