Designing a Responsive Customer
Engagement Strategy

HealthShare NSW - Designing a Customer Engagement Strategy


Proto Partners developed a strategy to better provide for the broad range of needs of HealthShare NSW customers, and to remove barriers that impact customer relationships.



How does HealthShare NSW create a plan for customer engagement that provides clearer and more straightforward contact and more consistent service experiences across different areas? What is the right business model to improve customer experience and build further relevance for their main role, supporting Hospitals and Health Districts?


Proto Partners undertook 42 interviews with senior customers and HealthShare stakeholders. We immersed ourselves in other research and operational activity to identify the main opportunity areas from a customer perspective. We uncovered more than 50 major customer insights to help HealthShare reconnect with their network.

We identified ongoing pain points for customers and mapped this on a current state engagement strategy. This highlighted the opportunity areas and led to the design of a future state engagement framework.

Proto Partners developed 10 overarching solutions to offer quick resolution to transactional breakdowns, to remove operational blockages and facilitate further opportunities for strategic engagement. The top 5 recommendations were selected for detailed implementation planning and customer engagement principles were established to help the broader organisation maintain ongoing customer focus.


Proto Partners conducted research with both internal and external customers across three levels of engagement: Strategic, Operational and Transactional. Fifty insights were uncovered, leading to 10 business recommendations. 

These led to the ‘Future State Customer Engagement Framework’ and clear customer engagement principles. The framework was developed to better provide for the broad range of needs presented by HealthShare NSW customers, and to remove barriers, which were impacting customer relationships. 

We also provided a plan to help apply the recommendations. HealthShare needed to embrace a series of mindset shifts to help it become more customer-centric.