Uncovering the Current Customer Journey



With the help of Proto Partners, JAX Tyres commenced work on activating thirty-six of the initiatives to improve customer experience and grow online customer conversion.



How to make the best use of a major investment in online infrastructure? By analysing and improving customer experience to support future growth in sales and profitability.


Proto Partners uncovered some major insights during their research which helped JAX Tyres update their Customer Engagement Strategy:

1. Gaining customer trust is a key issue for mechanical trades. Customer’s current perceptions are influenced by previous interactions, with other suppliers in associated fields, not only the one they are dealing with now.

2. Significant benefits can be achieved by providing clear and consistent communication and transactional transparency to support customers.

3. Customers want to be empowered in their transactions. JAX Tyres have developed solutions to provide customers with clear options so they can easily make informed selections.

4. Guiding clients through purchase decisions allows staff to better understand customer needs and the relationship quickly becomes one of trust. Alternatives and further recommendations are better received when offered by a trusted adviser.


During a fast and furious month long design challenge, Proto Partners identified key opportunity areas and provided several major customer insights. We produced a detailed customer journey map examining eleven phases of the current Jax customer experience.

In addition, mapping the customer’s emotional journey revealed two major areas of opportunity.

Proto Partners produced fifty actionable ideas as part of the service offer review. These were developed through intensive customer research and co-creation workshops. The ideas were delivered to internal project teams to assist in the design of an improved online solution.