Designing the Customer Experience of Tomorrow

Optus Customer Experience of Tomorrow


Optus engaged Proto Partners and their digital strategy partner Reactive to help co-design the desirable Optus Customer Experience for the future.

We used our knowledge of human-centred service design and combined it with ethnographic research, journey mapping and experience to build a customer-led vision of the future with a strong digital focus. We provided Optus with the confidence and the reasoning to keep the customer at the heart of any change.



"We worked with Proto Partners over a period of 6 months during 2014 on an exciting and unprecedented challenge at Optus, to design the end-to-end customer experience of the future. That meant across numerous products, channels, customer segments and scenarios, in order to inform and guide a major 3-year transformation program.
Damian and the team had high energy throughout, were highly responsive and together we operated as ‘one team’. Proto worked hand in hand with us to bring the internal team up to speed, and also brought in global experts who acted as ‘force multipliers’ to work with us to take our deliverables to another level of quality and innovation. The customer research, innovation in the service design and outputs created were of a very high quality and have succeeded in making our aspiration tangible and guiding the business forwards."
– Dan Sunderland, Director of Customer Experience Strategy & Planning


Optus asked Proto Partners to help lead a 6 month embedded project to co-design the ideal customer experience for the future. This would inspire, guide and inform Optus’ future-operating model, allowing it to become Australia’s most loved and recommended service brand.


We conducted over 15 different types of customer research to identify the motivations, values, behaviours and channel preferences of the target audience, using ethnographic, participatory and evaluative methods. A customer strategy was developed under 12 well-defined customer expectations that helped the organisation stay true to what customers want to experience in the future.

The cumulative research data was distilled into 25 concise, detailed customer pathways. Each pathway comprised multiple phases broken down into steps that included, jobs to be done, emotional needs, and pathway inspired solutions. Optus will use these pathways to design new, improved services and plan for the technology and infrastructure needed as support.


Having been clear on what they wanted to achieve, Proto Partners began by making Optus' vision tangible. We designed the ‘Future State Customer Strategy’ and produced:

• 25 customer pathways
• 17 mindset shifts
• 12 customer expectations
• 8 personas
• 8 design principles
• An end to end lifecycle
• A design manual to help with future decision making
• A portfolio