Service Design customers are delighted by

I know Obama fever has settled down somewhat, however standing for a positive change for not only America and the way it engaged with the rest of the world was long overdue and very welcome. Even here in in Australia, there are millions of fans of Obama and his administration. As a business pioneering Service Design in Australia, I draw encouragement from his "YES WE CAN" cry, in fact, I have recreated it on my homepage of my Mac.

I was looking at the "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" poster the other day and decided to reformulate it for Service Design,  creating a "SERVICE CUSTOMERS ARE DELIGHTED BY" poster. I am not sure where I will use it and I don't have any Service Design rallies that I am attending in the near future, but what the hell. The sentiment is right, we are all trying to delight our customers by providing world class and flawless service at every customer touchpoint. We are trying to delight them, thereby increasing their loyalty and their individual and collective profitability.


And the Original

the Pres

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Posted on July 3, 2009 and filed under Service Design.