How to Implement Organizational Change

“Clarity of purpose in any endeavor…avoids wasting resources such as time, money, effort, and communication.” Fast Company has written about IKEA’s bold move to redefine its core strategy, to simply make family life easier, according to IKEA’s North America president, “by providing them with convenient and affordable household items in an accessible location. Period.” The clear and straightforward message will direct everything IKEA. The article suggests that organizational change such as enforcing a brand and service message that takes place must consider everything from how the working environment appears to how employees speak.

“Absent a clear set of end behaviors on the horizon, a crew that starts rowing, perhaps even with vigor, but with little idea where they should head, will likely end up exhausted and disillusioned.”

So how can your company move ahead in the future bearing these things in mind?

Start big and be bold when there is necessary organizational change. For anything to be effective, it will need to start big. This will lead to successfully implementing sustainable change across all channels of your organisation.

Most importantly, focus on the intent and your ultimate goal as an organization. This is where your brand/service principles come in. Having an ultimate purpose like IKEA does, should focus any changes you have in mind.

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Posted on February 1, 2013 and filed under Business Models.