Ten Things We Can Learn

Seth Godin posted about the ten things we can learn from airports. Here are a few:

  • No one is in charge of the airport: It’s like a huge network of companies, teams and people working together as one to make it work. It’s great to put a face and name to a brand but sometimes when a brand can go beyond a figure head (there are pros and cons to both!), the people and environment envision the brand’s identity. The brand essence runs through every aspect of the said business and the customers experiences it entirely.
  • Airports see and treat customers as powerless transients: Many people depend on airports completely, since there aren't numerous choices of flight within the city a traveller lives in. Many aspects of a travelers experience with the airport depend solely on the airport. The flow of people, bags and planes depend on how accurately and efficiently the airport is organized. However having control over your customer this does not necessarily equal their happiness. When customers feel in powerless, insecure and unsure they are more likely to have a bad experience.
  •  “By assuming that their customer base prefers to save money, not anxiety, they create an anxiety-filled system.” this is a great example of when businesses think they know what their customers want versus really knowing what they want. Understanding what customers really want can uncover the huge turning point for your business. Imagine a world where customers are put at ease from the moment they buy their ticket to the moment they land at their destination. No hassles, no stresses, no lines and no lost baggage. More people wouldn’t hesitate to travel then!
  •  “Everyone who passes through leaves no trace, every morning starts anew.” The airport is full of strangers. There is no sense of home.