What is successful Co-Creation made of?

When people come together to inspire each other, bounce ideas off each other, bring their skills and talent to the table and work together to create, great things happen. However, “Co-creation is more than a tool; it is a Program of Change.” According to Fronteer, there are 4 types of co-creation and 5 guiding principles to successful co-creation.

The 4 types are:

  • Club of experts: Through a selection process, individuals with specific skills are invited to work on the challenge at task.
  • Crowd of people: Crowdsourcing so there is strength in numbers and a variety of skills and ideas.
  • Coalition of parties: Parties decide to collaborate in order to solve complex issues.
  • Community of kindred spirits: A group of people with similar interests and goals come together for a greater good.

This is a result of the two dimensions of co-creation. Since there must be an initiator for co-creation there is the question of openness and ownership. Does one group or person take responsibility over the whole process and result and is it open for others to join (and who decides who’s in and who isn’t?).

At Proto Partners we co-create in several ways. The most popular is first to co-create as Partners (a Club of Experts) and secondly we co-create with the client (Coalition of Parties). We believe that by combining our efforts and involving our clients, the results are far more insightful.

Read the full article and 5 guiding principles here. 

Posted on February 19, 2013 and filed under Design Thinking.