The Key to customer experience

Company analysis of customer experience touchpoints is crucial for understanding and implementing successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) policies and employee rewards. It is difficult to evaluate organisations that do not assess touchpoints throughout their customer’s journey and experience.

In the article “The Truth about customer experience”, HBR explores the perspective that can be created when an organisation evaluates the success of a strategy. They outline how emphasis on the cumulative customer experience can create positive touchpoints for the company.

HBR believes that perfecting singular touchpoints is not enough to provide an effective end-to-end customer experience because the relationship is more complex than what isolated touchpoints can show. The article uses several examples from industries like telecommunications and energy providers, to explain how companies need to incorporate the customer journeys into their operating models in four ways:

1. Identify key journeys from both a top down and bottom up perspective.

2. Understand the journeys’ current performance and its causes.

3. Redesign the experience and engage the front line with the use of cross-functional teams and inside-out ideas.

4. Incite cultural transformation and continuous improvements that sustain the initiatives, implementing changes across the company and into its culture.

Finally, the creation of appropriate and tailored metrics based on the overall journey and the accountable employees is extremely important to understand the impact of the changes.

At Proto Partners, by providing a global customer view with the use of different top down and bottom up perspectives we have been able to help our companies draw different customer journeys and implement sustainable initiatives with real impact. By measuring some of our clients’ Net Promoter Scores in greater detail we realised the effect that a cumulative customer overview had on the customers’ feedback, confirming the importance of the end-to-end journey analysis when promoting a healthy and loyal relationship.

Read the Harvard Business Review article here.