6 Reasons Why Customer Journey Maps Can Fail (and How to Fix Them)


Is your team using Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) correctly? 

A failed CJM exercise is a wasted opportunity, especially considering the substantial investment of time and money. With CJMs fast becoming the go-tool for companies looking to improve their customers' experience, it is essential that CX teams know how to drive the value expected and desired.

There are 6 keys areas where companies tend to fall down during the CJM process. These include:

  • having too narrow a scope;
  • basing your CJM on imagination and assumption (rather than customer validation);
  • failing to connect your CJM to segments or personas;
  • limiting the team working on the project to one department such as Marketing;
  • completing the CJM with an inside-out view;
  • and starting the initiative with the wrong goal in mind.

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