Neither a Promotor nor Detractor? How to reduce churn of customers who sit in the passive middle.

Did you know that passive customers are likely to churn (leave your brand) within 6 months? But with so much energy focused on the extreme ends of Promotors and Detractors, companies are missing opportunities to capture a majority of their customer base who sit somewhere in the passive middle. 

Passive customers are those customers who neither adamantly promote your brand nor put time into detracting from it. However they are certainly not loyal to your brand. They're price sensitive – often leaving quickly for a cheaper price elsewhere. Generally, their reported satisfaction with your brand doesn't equate to happiness or loyalty. 

"Creating a positive customer experience is the difference between having a revolving door of passive customers or an army full of promoters."

Organisations with large numbers of passive customers tend to focus on sales, not loyal customers. However, increasing sales is easy and acquiring loyal customers is not. You get a sale by selling a product. You gain a loyal customer by selling an experience and more importantly, building a relationship.

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