Designing an Integrated Transport Ecosystem

Sydney Metro Integrated Transport Ecosystem


Sydney Metro had conducted significant amounts of research however with the shift in working from an “outside in” view partnered with Proto Partners to understand, “Who” are the North West customers, “What” are their needs and “How” can there needs be met so that they become users of the Metro when it comes online in 2019.  These inputs would lead to creating “What makes for an easy “door to door to door” ideal experience journey map and customer principles to guide internal teams.



How might we design an integrated travel experience that is so easy and engaging to use that the Metro is my first choice every time I want to get around Sydney.


Proto Partners undertook a range of research practises to capture customers perspective and sentiment. This ranged from customer surveys, in-depth Jobs-To-Be-Done workshops and interviews to a 7 day online diary delving into customers emotional needs.  

The research uncovered some significant customer insights which had not materialised with the research undertaken to date. Some of the research was ground breaking revealing a category truth!



Sydney Metro wanted to understand the “door to door” ideal experience for customers travelling on the future state Metro Northwest. Proto Partners uncovered that the journey experience was broader than travelling from Point A to B and was in fact a part of a broad transport ecosystem that needs to be considered and incorporated into the delivery of the ideal Sydney Metro experience.

A compelling visual flow of the 20 Touchpoint ideal Metro experience featuring the moments of truth for the breadth of the journey from “door to door to door” was created. Highlighting 40 fresh opportunities to bring to life that will improve customers lives.