Designing a Customer Engagement Framework

Sydney Water Residential Experience


Proto Partners were engaged in 2015 to complete a strategic overview for the typical residential customer experience (CX). Having identified six ideal Customer Journey sets that held potential benefit to customers, the design and successful execution of these key experiences informed the CX strategy.

Extending on this work, Proto Partners undertook a 10 week deep dive project in 2016 into the second journey “Customer Engagement”. For many customers this phase is the first interaction they have with Sydney Water. Not only is it a critical moment in shaping people’s opinions about the organisation, it is also a golden opportunity to create relevance and build a direct connection with customers, introducing opportunities for value exchange over the long term.


How might we create a superior customer engagement
framework that “wows” customers from their first interaction
with Sydney Water?


Combining qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, Proto Partners was able to discover and articulate what was really important for customers.These were leveraged and incorporated into eight service principles designed to inform future state deliverables and act as a compass to rally the organisation around consistent points of focus.   

Future state deliverables included an Ideal Journey Map, which analysed the “jobs to be done” at various phases of the journey. This helped inform 35 tactical recommendations that were prioritised by a three tiered hierarchy of needs (better meet the needs of customers, make it easy for customers or make customers lives better). Communication tools were also created for sharing across the organisation. This included Platforms for Change, a vision narrative that delivers the preferred experience for customers and a 100 day engagement framework.


By undertaking a deep-dive into the “Customer Engagement” journey, Proto Partners not only mapped the current onboarding experience for customers, but clearly identified key pain points, emotions and core customer needs that were not being met. 

This current experience was a springboard to design a compelling future state onboarding experience, complete with a roadmap of prioritised actionable initiatives for business transformation. To help gain traction and guide the transformation, a number of key artefacts
were created as outputs form this deep dive:

•  Current Journey Map

•  Service Principles

•  Future State Journey Map

•  Future Vision Narrative

•  Engagement Framework

•  Roadmap of Prioritised Initiatives

Having presented a clear program of work to deliver CX improvements, Proto Partners prioritised a range of over 30 compelling customer initiatives. Leading a Rapid Prototyping project team, we implemented
over 20 of the initiatives in just 6 weeks and created a tangible roadmap for the delivery
of the balance over the ensuing 12 weeks.