Codesigning a Superior Onboarding Experience

Westpac Ideal Onboarding Experience


Proto Partners developed 25 service initiatives to significantly improve the onboarding journey for new credit card holders and to support a new, customer centric strategy.



How does Westpac create a credit card onboarding experience that is so good, customers want to actively sign on for additional services?


Proto Partners conducted a deep dive customer survey of 1555 responses, listened to 300 customer phone calls and spoke to over 40 internal and external Westpac customers. Four major insights were discovered and became the basis of a new customer engagement framework:

Customers need Westpac to:

1. UNDERSTAND - Westpac holds enormous amounts of information about their customers’ lives, little of which is used to personalise or improve their experiences with the bank.

2. CARE – Customers felt the onus was on them rather than Westpac to solve problems or deal with hiccups.

3. BE CONSISTENT – The credit card product sits within a complex eco-system of other products, services and distribution channels. Information is distributed and available on so many devices and channels that it’s impossible to create a consistent and seamless customer journey.

4. BE CERTAIN – The market is flooded with credit cards and reward cards. Customers want to be certain their card is a perfect match to their needs and lifestyle.


41 customer touch points along the onboarding journey were examined in detail. Proto Partners identified 3 key focus areas where service solutions would maximise customers switching to a more expansive (and valuable) transaction banking relationship. 

Westpac commissioned Proto Partners to join the second phase of the project. This meant intense analysis of the first focus area to explore the opportunities and quickly create service solutions.