Reinventing The Credit Card

Westpac Reinventing the Credit Card


Having already undertaken customer understanding research with Proto Partners, Westpac sought to extend their research and uncover deeper customer insight into why customers choose to hold multiple credit cards and why they use one card over another when they use it. The aim of developing the “One Card” was to create an ideal product and service experience that meets customers’ critical needs and wants.


How might we create one credit card with so much utility, it
becomes the only payment service customers ever need?


In order to design an innovative One Card experience,
Proto Partners needed to first gain a deeper understanding of the current credit card situation. Over only a few weeks, Proto Partners conducted social media reviews, used credit cards ourselves to understand the challenges first hand, spoke with stakeholders about system and process challenges, interviewed customers to determine what wasn’t working for them, went out into the street to talk and film credit card users and finally analysed over two thousand customer survey responses.

Proto Partners went beyond the initial research brief and used the opportunity to develop a brand new credit card for Westpac that solved the age old problem of carrying multiple credit cards that solve different problems at different times and places. 

The next step was to take this innovative credit card concept and further validate with customers using paper and digital prototypes. 


Westpac engaged Proto Partners over a four week sprint to design an unmatched credit card experience that unearthed what was most important for Westpac credit card customers.

Moving quickly from Insight to Action, Proto Partners developed an ideal ‘Westpac One Card’, a one and only credit card that solved every problem that customers faced and some problems they didn’t even know existed.

The aim of “One Card” was to create an ideal product and service experience that meets customers’ critical needs and wants. It was intentionally designed to provide customers who use their credit card everyday, ultimate control, flexibility and utility, through one card with multiple accounts - eliminating the need for a second or third physical card. “The One Card that offers me everything I need and nothing I don’t.”